Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well.. I just read Lana and Michele's race reports for the IronMan and I am completely inspired. I feel like I want to go run 1000 miles today in honor of them. Of course I could probably only bust out 3 of the 1000 but even so I am just in awe of their accomplishments and I think I will start training for my half..officially.

School is going really well for me. Better than expected. I have made a A on every test so far and the studying hasn't been too horrible. The professor has turned out to be a hoot and I love her. So much so I am taking her class again next semester. (A/P 2) I have met some cool people in the class I enjoy and have become friends with.

As far as training goes, my hip still hurts but I am trying to run. I have also started doing bootcamp at the YMCA every morning at 5:45 to sort of kick start me back into regular training. I figure it will get me into the habit of early morning work-outs since I have no time in the afternoons to train with school, work, and kids taking up the day.

I swam my first mile a few weeks ago (With breaks..can't do a solid mile yet). My kids are on the swim team this winter and I was going swimming on the days they swim cause I was there anyway but there is ONE lane open for free swim during practice and 6 people swimming circles in that lane so I am trying to go after work twice a week and then on sat. or sun. The weekdays are hard and sometim es I get there and sometimes I don't. After bootcamp is over in seven weeks..maybe I will re-join the masters swim program and swim in the morning at 5am. (Whew) I have to do it if I ever plan to REALLY swim a mile. Can't take breaks in the ocean or lake. I saw Lana talking about how much fun she had during the swim and I shudder. maybe someday I will feel the same way. I have to admit I am finally enjoying my swims somewhat but I can't say I would if I had to swim 2 miles while being kicked in the face. She's a freak of nature!!

Bailey in his warm-ups
This is Bailey standing between two of the biggest 11 year olds in the history of 11 year olds. Bailey is considered to be on the average/larger category of the growth charts if that tells you anything. What did they feed these kids anyway? He had to swim against them and was not happy.

Bailey about to start the race

Again.. Massive kids. Maybe I should get Bailey some protein shakes. Something. I never considered him to be scrawny till this day.

Connor on the other hand...He's just a skinny kid and will always be. He will never have to worry about a weight problem other than trying to put some on. He takes after my side of the family and looks just like my brother at that age. My brother can still eat his weight in food and not gain an ounce. Connor about to start his race

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I started school last night and there are some things I am going to need to figure out. To begin with, I slipped one of my kids ADHD pills last semester to see if it would help. Come to find out, that's what my problem has been all along when it comes to school. When it's kicking...I absolutely love the feeling. I feel ecstatic and my brain becomes an information sponge, so see why college kids buy it on the street. I didn't have to go to these extremes, though. I easily obtained a prescription and last semester I took it everyday. (Vyvance- 30mg)

The side effects are horrendous though. I can't eat, I am thirsty, I can't sleep at night, and talk about being a BTCH...when that stuff start's wearing off at the end of the day I become moody as hell and lash out. I talked to the doc about it and there's not much I can do but take a different pill towards the end of the day to ease me off, but I am not big on pills so I didn't do that. I just waited till the end of the semester and I have been off of it all summer. Well, I started taking it again last week to get used to the side effects and went to school last night. The problem wear's off during class. (Downward spiral commence.)

So #1...The instructor is Russian. It's hard enough to understand her with the accent, but when I can't focus it's REALLY HARD.

# 2: She is very Russian. Strict, to-the-point. (Think Edna Mode of The Incredibles...The lady who made the "Super-Suits". Not sure if she is Russian but that's who she reminded me of. Or even Lucy Lu's character on Charlie's Angels. The scene where she was in front of the group of men at the business meeting) She bit someone's head off (Including mine) over a question on the syllabus, then asked "Anymore questions?" I looked around and everyone is timidly shaking their heads "No" with these huge eyes. "Good..Now, back to the syllabus." Ah Maaaaannnn. This is going to be a LOOOONNNNGGG semester.

# 3: During the lecture portion, I found myself floating away, feeling bored, and a song stuck in my head. ("In My House"...Mary Jane Girls. OMG SERIOUSLY?? No more 80's on the way to school for me!) This didn't happen last semester in my history class. I found it to be the most interesting topic in all the world and took notes that could be published for a study guide. (Everyone wanted to borrow mine because I always made 100's on the ALL the extra credit questions) I looked over my notes from last night when I got up this morning, and I can barely read them. It looks like a 2nd grader wrote them.

#4: I almost beat the shit out of the vending machine because it took my money. I snack like crazy when the meds wear off, and my blood sugar is low from the lack of food all day so it's not a good time to mess with me. Some poor kid put some change in the machine to help me retrieve the object of my desire (Cheddar cheese pretzel Combos) which worked because then 2 fell out. SCORE!! I'll pay him back Thurs.

So what do I do? School is going to be as challenging for me as an IronMan if I don't get it together.

Oh.. I almost forgot. #5: NO DRINKS IN CLASS! This includes water. The medication causes me to be extremely thirsty even after it wears off so there's yet ANOTHER distraction, and I was watching the clock and counting down the minutes till break so I could suck down my water bottle.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Me: 19 on watch in the Navy

Here's another moment in time from the Vault. Responsible me...3 am watch with another chick. We were the only two in the barracks that night because everyone else was out doing some night drill. We had the radio up and we were dancing, and were having the best time blowing off some bootcamp steam, but was short-lived... unfortantly we got caught. The rest of this week was spent scrubbing floors and toilets with a toothbrush. Worth it? OF COURSE!!

This past Sat I did the M'Boro Hot 100, only I did the 33 mile loop instead of the 100 mile loop. (I'm not crazy yet) My riding buddy Jessika IS crazy though and she did the 100 mile. She has only gone 55 miles before that so she was convinced her life was coming to a close about half way through it, then luckily she said she went numb and doesn't remember miles 75-100. I think I did really good on my little loop and I was only beginning to wish for an end to it the last 3 miles. The weather was perfect...cloudy and spitting rain. Had it been hot and sunny like last weekend I am sure I would not have had as positive of an experience. The 17 mile stop was basically a buffet so I can only hope future rides will be as delicious. Can't beat peanut butter and honey sandwiches after a long ride.

Yesterday I tried out some speedwalking and let me just say..It Aint no JOKE!! I felt it in my calves and abs so instead of running I will do this when my training plan calls for it. I started Physical Therapy last week and they don't want me running for the time being. I am praying they can get my hip fixed because I am going crazy with anxiety. I need to RUN!! I swam today for 30 mins. and I am supposed to ride tomorrow but Tropical Depression Fay may have other plans for me. It's supposed to rain for the next few days. Bummer.

I start school tomorrow night, and I am taking Anatomy and Physiology. I will be going 2 nights a week. This is the main source of my anxiety because I know how I get over school. Everything else starts to slide and slack off....Working out, cleaning the house...etc. I have a 4.0 right now and I shudder to think I have to do a repeat of last semester to obtain one again this semester, but this class is going to be even harder than my last classes were. (History and Med. Terminology) I studied my ass off for those grades and that is ALL I DID!! If I am gone again for awhile, you now know the reason.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


LAst week I did a ride with GNAC starting at Edwin Warner Park. There were three different levels to choose from, and I choose the shortest route of 24 miles. When I lived in Tullahoma, I used to bike 22 miles every other day on my hybrid and it was a piece of cake. This ride?.....not so much. Most of the people riding this distance had completed an Ironman only weeks ago, so this was to be a "Slow-recovery ride" for them. "Good" I thought. "A chance for me to keep up". They all had their IronMan gear on and their fancy Tri-bikes so I was already intimidated, but maybe since they were doing a "recovery" ride I had a chance.

I took my position at the back of the pack with the sweeper, and off we went. The pace was comfortable and I felt really good. They must either be tired or I am a stud because I was keeping up with ease. (I honestly figured they were tired..maybe I can keep up the whole distance) About 4 miles into it, we came to our first "Hill"..(Is that what they called it?) This is where I got left, and I came this close >< to loosing my breakfast. They went up the "Hill" like it was a straight-away. Just up and over...I swear I heard rocket engines. Where did they get this strength, and who is this guy coming back down the hill? Is he CRAZY? It was all I could do to keep from legs moving and not topple over. The guy who came back was coming back FOR ME!! (Awwwwwww. Now if I can only refrain from throwing up) He encouraged me onward and wasn't even winded, and I couldn't respond to anything he was saying except a grunt. FINALLY...the top of the hill came into view around the bend, and WOW; there was the rest of the pack not too far ahead of me. "See?" The crazy guy who came back for me said, "You did it, and you ARE keeping up." "Grunt" I said. From there we were going 37 MPH straight down and around some serious curves. I made it. This ride went on and on endlessly and FINALLY some dude towards the back with me got a Flat tire. THANK GOD!! I know that's awful but I needed an excuse to stop.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Kelli and Me

Somehow I am now motivated to start....or RE-start training. Maybe it's the Olympics, or maybe I am just stir crazy. I don't know. But Kelli has asked me to train for the M'boro Half in Sept. (BWAHAHAHAHA) and I am also thinking of doing the Jack and Back. Keep up the training and throw in some swimming for good measure and I can do a Half IronMan later next year. That's the plan. (Swimming....UGH)

Although I know for a fact I cannot be ready for a half marathon by Sept. considering I can't run to the mailbox next door, I will train with Kelli but I don't think I will sign up. Maybe by Dec. I can be ready for the Memphis Half so in reality I am shooting for that. My friend Kerry from the bike Pedler took me on an endless ride last week and I feel more confident on my road bike. I have issues with falling over so I rarely ride it. This morning I went 14 miles with Doug, and I think I could have gone 20 in the time allotted, but he has a Trek hybrid and can't keep up the pace so 14 it was. I plan to do another long ride with Kerry again this week and then a ride or two on my own.

In the morning I am going for my first swim OF THE YEAR and pray I don't drown. One lap. If it's all I can do then it's all I can do. I know I can do more but I don't want to set myself up for failure.. HA... If I do one... YES!!!! If I do more...even better, but it starts with one.

I am trying to get Kelli to train with me for the Half IronMan but she has Hair issues. Her hair is super curly and thick, and she only washes it a couple of times a week because it takes her forever to blow it out straight so she stays out of the pool unless it's a wash day. I recently cut all my hair off because it was damaged so it's no big deal to me to get it wet, but I can admit it was a pain last year when it was longer. I only washed it every 3 days if I didn't swim. NASTY! With it short I can wash it whenever. When I was 23 it was REALLY short, and I have thought about cutting it off like that again. Here's a pic of me with my sister in 1996 . ( I was 23)

UPDATE: I went swimming this afternoon instead and I swam 20 whole laps! WOO-HOO!
I will swim 21 on Wednesday. If I can do 40...even better.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Almost a year

Where I have been? To be honest, I haven't been training AT ALL this year. I am a total bum. I have had injury after injury which has kept me from training..or running I guess I should say.

I signed up for the CMM half and my hip went out again during the 10 mile run. I hobbled home the last 2 miles and that was back in March. It's STILL screwed up. I am convinced it's a stress fracture but who knows. (The doctor if I would go) newest mission is bike riding. And I don't mean road bikes, although I have been doing that with my husband 3 days a week. (He's lost 20 lbs) I am running any errand in a 3 mile radius by bike if at all possible. Yesterday I ordered a FreeRadical to attach to my Trek which will make it even more of a beast. It should be built up by September hopefully and I will even be able to haul a weeks worth of groceries home.

I started back to school last semester and that took up a HUGE portion of my free time. For the first time ever I can say I am a nerd. I have a 4.0 gpa. Woo-Hoo!! Although I will be 80 before I ever graduate, I will chip away at it and hopefully get into nursing school. It is so competitive, though so my other options would be economics or urban planning. But I think nursing would be an easier job to obtain, and it has always been an interest so I have my heart set on that.

I would really like to start training again, soon. It drives me crazy to read the other blogs and see what ya'll have all been up to and I have nothing spectacular to report. I had hoped to pursue a half-ironman this year and maybe I would have if my hip had cooperated. Not only that, but my neck and back kept going out, too. I haven't had an issue with those for a month and I started walking again. My hip aches towards the end of my 4 mile loop, but it's almost immediate ( like 1/4 th of a mile) when I try to run. The biking/ walking is keeping my weight in check somewhat. I've gained 6 pounds, but compared to last year I needed the extra cushion because I got too skinny according to Doug. I don't like how my clothes fit but I guess it's Ok. They are tighter around the butt and thighs. I am blaming that on biking. (At least that's what I am saying anyway. LOL! Of course It could also be the chocolate malt balls from Fresh Market I am addicted to. It's like a chocolate bomb in your mouth. Heaven. )

Now for your entertainment... a pic of me at 19 years old when I was in the Navy. Miramar, San Diego, CA 1992..Grunge was cool...

I did my first 5 k around this time, The Carlsbad 5000, and I had a bike I rode EVERYWHERE. I went to the beach every weekend by bike. It was faster than taking the bus. I fell in love with the vibe there..everyone running and biking and just loving life. VERY different from the place I grew up. (Small town where I mostly got made fun of and crap thrown at me when I was out biking or running. WTF?? LOL.)

No worries. My friend took it. We were hiking around in the desert-like region of the base taking photos of the landscape and posing. I remember posing for this pic like it was two weeks ago. What was I thinking about? Not bills! I can tell ya that right now. I was probably thinking about the F-14 pilot I was obsessed with at the time. I was not "allowed" to date the pilot because I was enlisted and he was an officer. Did it stop me? (Did it stop anybody? Heeeeccckkkk NO!) Or maybe I was smiling because it was taken in a place I knew was "Off Limits". Oooooooooooooo..... We never could figure out why and of course that was the place we would all hang out. We never got caught! I think that was part of the charm...seeing what we could get away with in the military. So many rules... It was a good thing and a bad thing for me. I tended to "walk the line" a bit back then when it came to rules; sometimes crossing it, and I don't know why. My theory with the military was that the rules were there to keep us in line, and they knew we would break some. But if they had tons and tons of them maybe it would help to keep some kind of order. And some of The chick who took the photo was my partner in crime. It's like we were on a mission to see what we could get away with on a daily basis. What was under that concrete thing I was sitting on? A tunnel? A tunnel to what?? Is that why the area was "Off Limits"?

These days a flash of that girl shows up from time to time..esp when I go home. I don't know what happens to me, but when I get around my old friends...there she is. It happened this past weekend at a party in my hometown. I am no longer 35 year old married mother of two/ business owner bogged down with worry and responsibility. I'm the chick in the photo. Of course, those who really know me don't take me seriously. And those who don't know me...I apologize. I realize how I came off. And I would like to take this opportunity to blame the antics of Saturday night on my Best guy friend of all time...Timmy. I can't even look at him with a straight face and he just has this way of making mischief pure joy. Look at him...You can just tell there's gonna be trouble before the night is over and he brings that side of me out like no one else and he always has! Timmy, I love you more than I can say!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's been MONTHS!!

NO..I am not dead. I just haven't been training at all since the Triathlon. I noticed over the summer I was getting weaker and weaker until it got to a point that I could hardly run at all. I would go to speed sessions and barely make it around the track one time, I couldn't keep up with my running buddies, and I was just plain old exhausted. And then basically after the triathlon I collasped. I was so frustrated because it didn't matter how hard I tried to push myself, my body refused to cooperate, so it got to a point to where I just stopped training at all. I finally went to the doctor and after some blood work, they found I had hypothyroidism. Basically, my thyroid has shut down and that zapped all of my energy. The doc said over training can cause it...especially if it was starting to not function as well anyway. I had the flu back in March while I was trying to train for the Country Music Marathon..and I haven't felt 100% since then. I am thinking that may have contributed to it. So now I have to take a pill every day for the rest of my life to do the work of my thyroid. I have been on it since Thursday of last week, and I have been running a few times, but I don't feel much different. I hope it just takes a while for the pill to kick in. Of course, the lack of training these past few months might have something to do with it. I am able to complete a full work-out at the gym, so at least I can do SOMETHING. And I am walking....I have the energy for that. I will just continue to do what I can until I am able to train again.

Last night the boys stayed at my mother in laws house so Doug and I went out and got crazy. His friends were playing at The End so he invited me to go. (We hardly ever go out) We started at a Mexican Resturant and I have a Margarita. (yum).. then we went to this place called Alladin's Hookah Bar. How cool was that? They had a belly dancer come in and I wanted to stay but we had to get to his friend's gig. I already had a nice buzz working so I took pics of us making out, and we ended up leaving early (hehe) On our way out the other wives stopped us and said they were jealous. They wished their husbands would kiss on them in public places. Doug really isn't a PDA type of guy was just one of those nights I guess. HA! I am wanting to be proactive in spicing up our marriage a bit. All I seem to do lately is bitch and complain about EVERYTHING that's not right in my life. I feel it's time to take matters into my own hands and stop waiting for things to happen. If I want excitement..then be exciting. Easy..simple. If I am bored..find something to do. If I am sick..go to the doctor. I mean DUH. If the house is a mess..clean it. .....Ok..that may be pushing it. :)